Home staging: Your Bathroom

When taking a house to market, a lot of homeowners overlook the importance of staging the bathroom. It’s easy to think that most people will open the door, have a quick glance, and move on. The truth is it’s as important as any other room and staging a bathroom successfully can be what leads a buyer to purchasing your property.

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The first and most obvious place to start is with cleaning. Bathrooms build up a lot of nasty stains and marks due to the high humidity, so a deep clean is essential. Clean everything from the walls to the shower head, and don’t just wipe everything down. Thoroughly scrub the toilets, use a de-scaler on the showerhead and get a bathroom cleaning agent that kills mould. Look in every corner and on every shelf and make sure that your bathroom is spotless and shining.

Once you’ve cleaned, you might notice a bit of maintenance is needed.

Things like peeling paint or deteriorating caulk are easily fixed yourself and won’t cost much. You don’t want your potential buyers to think of the money they’ll have to spend fixing the bathroom, so little expenses early on could lead to a much quicker and more profitable sale. If your bathroom is a bit outdated, a fresh coat of paint might be all you need to give those old cabinets new life.

Depersonalising is as important in the bathroom as it is in every other room during house staging. Walking into someone’s messy bathroom with toothbrushes and shavers lying on the bench immediately makes you feel like you’re invading someone’s space. Not exactly what you’re hoping a potential buyer experiences when looking through your house, is it? Put everything you use away in the cabinets to give off the feeling of privacy people expect.

Small accessories add all the décor you need, saving the bathroom from looking completely bare.

Putting a scented candle or floral arrangement on the bench adds class and style to a room without cluttering it. Decorative soaps next to folded handtowels create the feeling of walking into a day spa, putting potential buyers minds at ease. If you’re hanging towels, make sure they’re fresh and clean and are white or neutral colours. Take out the old bathmat too. It’ll make the room look bigger and unused.

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