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The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas of the home, and its condition can have a huge impact when taking your house to market. You want to show potential buyers a beautifully clean space they can make their own, not a kitchen that’s currently in use. It might seem counterintuitive, but staging your kitchen is not about practicality.

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The number one rule for staging a kitchen is to keep it clean and simple.

It’s a common mistake people make to have as many things as possible out and visible. In fact, the opposite is much more effective. You don’t need to cover all the counters with appliances and décor to show how much you can fit in the space you have.

Declutter your benchtops and put away all appliances except for a few.

A toaster and a kettle side by side might be all you need, especially in a small kitchen where space is already an issue. Make sure everything is put away neatly and you’ve cleaned the cupboards and drawers. Potential buyers will open doors and look at everything, so an untidy and overcrowded space will give the impression your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage.

Clean everything

Wipe down every surface, every tile, the backsplash and all your appliances. Make sure everything looks shiny and new. You should clear your fridge door of magnets and art as these things tend to catch the eye and clutter the room. Empty the dishwasher and clean the oven inside and out to remove any bad smells that might linger. If you can’t hide your garbage bin in a cabinet, take it outside.

Add a few accessories to bring life to the room, but don’t go overboard. A nice indoor pot plant or fresh flowers can add a positive energy and give the kitchen a warmer feeling. Something like a bowl of fruit next to a neatly stacked pile of cookbooks is always an appealing addition.

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Keeping a consistent colour palette gives your kitchen a cohesive feel, so try and match everything as much as possible. Remember that you’re trying to appeal to a broad demographic, so take out any personal items or things with busy patterns that might clutter the room. Remove or replace outdated items as a simple and timeless aesthetic is going to interest more people.

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