Home Staging: Your Outdoor Areas

Leaving a great first impression is key to selling your home in the competitive market of Sydney real estate. Ask any agent and they’ll tell you the importance of curb appeal during open houses and the impact that successfully staged outdoor areas have on buyers.

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Here are some tips you can use to help you get your garden looking great:

1. Declutter and Remove Personal Items

If you’ve done home staging before, you’ll know how essential this step is. Put into storage all the gardening equipment, kids toys and anything that looks messy. These things can take up space and make the area seem smaller. Removing all personal items also helps buyers imagine the space as their own, uninterrupted by the personal taste of the current occupants.

2. Lawn maintenance

Make sure you’ve mowed the lawns and kept them well watered, so it looks healthy and green. Use a whipper snipper to get clean edges on your walkways and garden beds. Go around your yard and pull out all the weeds and sticks and rake any dead leaves lying around. Pruning back and trimming trees and shrubs never hurts, as every detail counts.

3. Pressure Wash

It’s a good idea to hire a pressure washer (if you don’t already have one) and give all your hard surfaces a proper clean. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. Concrete and stone collect a lot of dirt over time, so a pressure wash can make them look brand new! Be careful on any painted surfaces, as old paint can be stripped if too much pressure is applied.

4. Furnish

Having a few simple furnishings can help to define your space. Arrange your outdoor furniture in a way that showcases how the area can be used, but don’t over crowd it. A few lawn chairs under an umbrella might be all you need to give off a relaxing atmosphere. If you have the space, consider showing multiple living areas such as a dining area and outdoor kitchen. Whatever you do, make sure the traffic can freely flow through the space.

5. Add Pot Plants

Pot plants are a great way to add life to your garden without having to plant things everywhere. Fill them with flowers to add colour and place them by your front door for an exciting entry way. You can also move them and take them with you when you’ve sold!

6. Landscaping

If you want your garden beds to have that beautifully maintained look, simple things like pebbles or mulch can help bring a cohesive feel. Creating a rock garden in a corner of the yard can be a simple and easy way to add appeal to your house.

7. Touch Ups and Repairs

The outside of the house takes a lot of damage over time. You might not need to paint the whole house, but a fresh coat on any flaking or chipped paint goes a long way. If you’ve got any broken or damaged fixtures, replace or repair them. Walk around your house and look for anything that you might need to fix.

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