Top 10 Tips for Organising Your Home

Need some help with your home organisation? Follow these easy tips to get started on your journey to a clutter free home!

Ship Shape Homes top 10 tips for organising your home - property styling Sydney

Top 10 Tips to Help Organise Your Home:

1. Start in one place

It’s much easier to pick a room and finish it than try and do the whole house at once. Start off with a small room if you don’t have much time, or tackle the biggest and messiest room to get it out of the way!

2. Make a to do list

Everything will seem a lot less challenging when you have it all written out in front of you. Write down the things you need to do and cross them off once you’ve completed them.

3. Categorise

Put all your items into categories to help identify what you have. It’ll help when you can see how many of each item you have. Even make a category of all the things you know you’ll be throwing out.

4. Take Inventory

Once you’ve categorised your items, put these items away together. Giving everything a proper home means that next time you go looking for it you know exactly where to find it.

5. Use Labelled Containers

A great way to keep all your items neatly stored and categorised is to use containers. Keeping the same items in the same place makes sense, right?

6. Colour-code

Anything you want to organise can be colour coded, and it’s a helpful way to keep things in order. If you colour code your clothes for example, you know where in your wardrobe everything will be, every time!

7. Accessibility

Make sure you put your most used items in a place that’s easy to get to. The closer to where you will be using them, the better. Similarly, you can put the stuff you don’t use very often in places that might not be as easily accessible.

8. Give Yourself Time

It might take a while to get where you want to be. Allocating time out of your day or making a schedule that works with your to-do list is a great way to help you manage your time.

9. Throw Away Things You Don’t Use

Your house is full of things you don’t use or need. Instead of struggling to find storage space for these things, donate them or throw them out.

10. Use Your Space

A lot of people will try and fit as much as they can in one area. It’s better to look for ways to maximise your space and have all your storage areas neat and tidy. It might seem useful to have everything in one spot, but you could end up having to look through a whole lot of useless stuff until you find what you’re looking for.

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